About Us

Who are we?

We are Dan, Frazer and Graeme – the owners and Directors of Flexgrid.


Dan has worked in the design, deployment and support of large enterprise and service provider networks for the last 20 years, across multiple vendors and verticals. When not at work, he enjoys football, motorsport (F1 and Moto GP) classic cars and cooking.


Driving the sales engine in Flexgrid with one foot in operations, Frazer is the Sales Director at Flexgrid. He has worked in the IT channel for 10 years, lives on the South Coast,enjoys cycling, VR gaming and is a keen Tottenham fan (unfortunately).


With 35 years experience in the technology sector, 20 years of it specifically with the Service Provider, WAN and MPLS arena, Graeme brings a wealth of commercial and technical experience to the team. He lives in rural Sussex and enjoys tennis and cycling.

Why did we start Flexgrid?

We started Flexgrid in 2017 with a few aims in mind. We have known each other for many years and we felt that by coming together as a group, we could build a company that brings innovation to the services and solutions we sell. We all enjoy technology and we wanted to have an influence on the IT industry that would positively impact our customers. We could only do that by starting our own company!
Collectively we have a wealth of experience spanning networking, security, data centre and cloud services, so the idea of working with customers across a flexible grid of services was born – hence Flexgrid.
We all live in and around the South East of England which is why our head office is in Brighton. It’s also a great city to visit if you have not been here before.

Who we work with?


We are a Juniper Partner with a focus on Managed Services (MSP) Specialisations. This certification is designed for partners who offer solutions on an OPEX model and want to deliver managed SD-WAN, managed security, and managed wired / wireless.


Flexgrid is certified by ISO27001 which is the international standard that sets out the specification for an Information Security Management System. We have adopted this best practice approach to manage our security systems through people, processes and technology.