What We Do

Flexgrid is a networking expert based out of Brighton that specialises in cloud managed infrastructure and high speed connectivity solutions.

We provide solutions that extend from the wire in the ground to the Wi-Fi in your office, all managed by a single cloud based dashboard. Whether you are looking to connect your offices to the Internet, get the benefits of SD-WAN for application visibility, or deploy cloud managed switches for a new office, then Flexgrid can deliver these services from a single pane of glass.

All our cloud managed solutions can use existing connectivity for rapid adoption of services. However, Flexgrid operates our own core network and so can also provide a fully integrated WAN and Internet service, giving you an end to end solution with a single support number for all connectivity infrastructure.

How It All Fits Together

Our state of the art UK network was installed in 2016 to specifically meet the high bandwidth requirements of modern networking and Cloud services. Our connectivity products are designed from the ground up to provide the reliability, security, flexibility
and manageability that modern enterprises require – all with a quantum leap in speed from other legacy providers.

We have a technical focus, backed by a wealth of industry experience that underpin Flexgrid’s innovative, cloud managed networking solutions.


Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN)

This takes a transformational approach to simplify branch office networking and ensure optimal application performance.

MPLS for the Cloud Age

Using the latest technology for Wide Area Networks with rich connectivity to Cloud services, Voice and Video.

Cloud Optimised Internet

Our Internet service is designed for the Cloud age and we are on-net with many of the key public cloud providers such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google to ensure fast and reliable connections to your cloud applications

Cloud Managed Infrastructure

This platform gives customers visibility into the network users, connected devices and the applications in use. It provides rich analytics across the entire network architecture (LAN, WLAN and WAN),

Cloud Connect

Direct and virtualized resilient connections to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Google Cloud and many other providers.


Security layers working together in an ecosystem of defence. These complimentary security services provide a robust vulnerability management program across the LAN and WAN.

Who we work with?