Session Smart Routing

SD-WAN uses software and a centralised cloud-based controller to steer traffic across the WAN intelligently. This handles traffic based on priority, quality of service and security requirements in accordance with business needs. The main benefit of this technology is that it makes the management of network traffic simple and reduces complexity. Session Smart Routing delivers network connectivity into physical or cloud locations across any network connection. 

Session Smart Routing and SD-WAN

Unlike traditional WAN architecture, the SD-WAN model is designed to fully support applications hosted in on-premise data centres, public or private clouds and SaaS solutions while delivering the highest application performance levels.

The Solution

The Flexgrid SD-WAN solution powered by the Juniper Session Smart Router (SSR) provides an on-demand WAN connection with a better service experience between branches, headquarters, data centres, and the cloud. The SSR has compelling features such as application-based intelligent traffic steering, optimal link selection, tunnel-less transport, adaptive encryption, zero-touch provisioning, virtual network segregation, and QoS and WAN optimisation.


Next-generation SD-WAN via a centralised controller over any transport.

The SD-WAN solution can use standard hub-and-spoke or full-mesh topologies without legacy tunnels. Each physical site can be deployed with single or multiple SD-WAN gateways connected to various circuit types. The Session Smart Routing software can run on a hardware device, virtual machine, or public cloud. The entire SD-WAN solution is managed from a centralised Cloud console. Flexgrid can provide a fully managed service or a co-managed model with the customer.


Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) rolls out SSRs into production straight out of the box without complex pre-staging activities.

The SD-WAN solution supports a variety of ZTP methods. This reduces complex and time-consuming pre-staging requirements. Options to use QR code scanning or USB deployments are available.


Take control of WAN transport and which network consumers can use which applications.

The SD-WAN solution uses a zero-trust network access (ZTNA) model, where all traffic is denied by default and must be permitted by policy. The SD-WAN solution uses adaptive encryption on each device to inspect traffic and determine if the data has already been encrypted. If the data has been previously encrypted, the adaptive encryption feature avoids unnecessary double encryption delay and performance impact. 


Benefit from tunnel-less SD-WAN transport and application performance awareness. 

The SSR solution does not use a traditional IPSEC tunnel model, which significantly reduces packet overhead and saves 30-50% bandwidth. The SD-WAN solution also actively monitors the performance of applications flowing through the WAN, ensuring the best paths available are always used for maximum performance. 


See a return on investment through operational savings and a reduction in WAN underlay cost.

The combination of service-oriented SD-WAN features, adaptive tunnel-less encryption and full-fibre broadband demonstrates considerable savings compared to other SD-WAN solutions.

Full Stack Visibility

Unlock the power of a full-slack network solution with Mist AI-driven enterprise (AIDE) 

Our SD-WAN solution is part of the Juniper Mist AI cloud service. Deployed as a full stack, it brings automated operations and service levels to the WAN edge, as well as wired and wireless infrastructure.

Key Benefits

Managed service

We can provide a 24x7 managed SD-WAN service from the UK for customers or resellers who want the benefit of SD-WAN, without the operational management.

Mixed transport

Leverage any combination of public and private transport services (e.g. full fibre broadband Internet, 5G, etc.) to securely connect users to applications

Traffic steering

Provides compelling features such as application-based intelligent traffic steering, ensuring optimal link selection and WAN optimisation


View detailed information about your network including the application, user and services


Can be deployed in conjunction with an MPLS network, preserving existing virtual networks in conjunction with Internet only connections.


One simple term based license per device, based on the actual bandwidth usage on the router

Get Technical

SD-WAN applies the principles of software-defined networking (SDN) to a business WAN connection; separating the data plane and control plane of the network and abstracting it into a virtualised service.

The architecture of SD-WAN virtualises numerous components of a traditional legacy network (e.g. secure routing, application optimisation, quality of service) and centralises the network management via a cloud-based “orchestrator” which intelligently controls traffic flows across the corporate network.

Leveraging the powerful application identification engine and link quality detection engine, the SD-WAN solution can provide intelligent traffic steering based on the application priority, link quality, load balancing, and bandwidth utilisation.