To address the challenges faced by traditional enterprise networks for connectivity services such as circuit costs, application experience control, long service provisioning and complex management, a more flexible solution is required. Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) solutions address these challenges and bring additional benefits.


Our solution provides simple and flexible on-demand WAN interconnection with better service experience between branches, headquarters, data centres, and the cloud. With compelling features such as application-based intelligent traffic steering, optimal link selection, intelligent acceleration, and intelligent O&M. Our feature-rich solution reshapes the enterprise private line process and offers a superior service experience.


Flexible large-scale networking to connect central offices (hubs) and branches (spokes) in different areas through public and private network transports. Customers can flexibly define networking types based on their service features and with templates that match each customer's specific environment.

Leveraging the powerful application identification engine and link quality detection engine, our SD-WAN Solution provides intelligent traffic steering based on the application priority, link quality, load balancing, and bandwidth utilization.

CPEs are plug-and-play and support USB and email-based deployment, greatly reducing the required skills of deployment personnel.

The SD-WAN solution provides extensive quality statistics. These statistics graphically display real-time data, including intra-site and inter-site link quality, application quality, and throughput, facilitating the understanding of network situations.

Support for virtual networks (also known as VRF instances) ensure end-to-end segregation for assets in the different network is maintained. This is critical for networks where security and network segregation is mandatory.

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