AI-Driven LAN & WiFi

We believe modern networks should be designed with automation as the core principle. Juniper Networks simplifies network operations and measures user experience across the wireless, wired and SD-WAN layers. According to industry specialists like Gartner, Juniper Networks is the market leader for wired and wireless LAN infrastructure in 2024.

Juniper Mist AI

By managing your network from the Cloud, administrators can have simpler operations, shorter mean time to repair and better visibility into end-user experiences. Cloud-managed networks can now combine simple dashboards with Enterprise architectures to deliver next-generation wired and wireless network services from a single pane of glass.

Juniper Networks is optimising user experiences across the network through the use of AIOps.  Customers can benefit from data-driven insights with enhanced troubleshooting across the wired, wireless and SD-WAN platforms.  AIOps ingests data from multiple sources across the network and through a combination of data science and automation, reduces network incidents, help desk tickets, and on-site visits, all without human intervention.

The entire network stack is managed via the Mist AI cloud, with Marvis, the Virtual Network Assistant (VNA), proactively working alongside your IT team to streamline operations. Marvis constantly ingests data and learns from network devices, resolving issues before they impact the network’s users.

The Solution

Our Cloud Managed infrastructure includes a wide portfolio of technologies for core, distribution and edge switching, alongside wireless access points and security appliances.

The infrastructure is based on end-to-end Juniper technology, using Mist AI to deliver unprecedented automation and insights to all digital users. The Mist platform is 100% programmable, using open APIs for full automation and seamless integration with complementary products across LAN, WAN, security, engagement, and asset location.

To simplify customer adoption, all our Cloud Managed network solutions use the same intuitive dashboard, which means you can manage your entire network (LAN and WAN) from a single pane of glass.


Key Benefits

Cloud dashboard

Manage your entire network from anywhere via the Flexgrid cloud based dashboard

Switches / routers

Includes switches, wireless access points, routers, SD-WAN devices and security appliances.


Got it covered with firmware and security updates delivered automatically over the Internet


Can use existing connectivity for rapid deployment of cloud managed networks


If you are a Flexgrid WAN customer and use our cloud managed networks, then the fully integrated dashboard includes the LAN and SD-WAN devices


A rich API that provides extensive capabilities for engineers to use programs to interact with the cloud managed platform.

Get Technical

The Juniper Mist platform provides a full-stack management solution for wireless, wired and wan connectivity, all from a single dashboard using AI Ops to make the network easier to capture issues and root causes and proactively address problems. Mist AI functions drastically reduce the time required to support the network environment and provide network users with a better experience.

The Mist platform captures telemetry data from Access Points, Switches and WAN gateways to measure the user experience to established Service Level Expectations (SLE) metrics. Where service levels fall below expectations, Mist allows us to examine the root cause and address issues quickly.

Onboarding Mist Access Points and Ethernet switches is as simple as scanning a barcode on a smartphone application or entering a code in the Mist Portal.