Predictability, reliability and optimised cloud peerings are the key considerations for Internet access. Flexgrid’s Cloud optimised Internet has been designed to meet these needs while supporting voice, video and Cloud access. We offer flexible bandwidth management which enables you to switch bandwidth up or down and control your Internet traffic. Flexgrid Cloud optimised Internet is available from 100Mbps to 40Gbps with many different resilience options.

The Solution

Flexgrid has optimised our Internet service for cloud providers, with direct BGP peering with all the major Cloud providers to ensure that traffic takes the fastest possible path.

Flexgrid has over 200 direct peerings and more than 50% of our core network Internet traffic goes to its final destination using private peering. This means lower latency and less jitter for SaaS and PaaS applications that rely on the Internet.

High Speed

Stand alone circuits with up to 40Gbps of Internet bandwidth

Resilient carriers

Dual carrier resiliency with sub 200 msec fail-over

Virtualised services

Virtualized circuits can be delivered over MPLS or SD-WAN

Centralised firewalls

Protected via centralised firewalls, security gateways or Cloud managed security services

Delivery options

Can be delivered as a service in either centralised, distributed or hybrid modes

Active monitoring

Monitored to ensure Internet services are in an expected state (latency, loss, jitter, DNS resolution)

Get Technical

Seamless resilience through advanced protocol such as BFD providing near instant (sub second) circuit failure detection and fail-over.

Diverse carrier circuit delivery ensures critical sites are truly resilient.

IPv4 and IPv6 throughout the network