Cloud Connect

The majority of organisations have now adopted a cloud strategy which means that secure, reliable and cost effective connections to these clouds are essential for normal business operations. Flexgrid offers both direct and virtualized, resilient connections to all the major cloud providers including AWS, Microsoft Azure / 365, Google Cloud, Oracle and many other providers.

Public cloud providers usually provide their services via the Internet, however this is sometimes not operationally sufficient. By deploying a direct Flexgrid Cloud Connect service, the traffic does not pass over the public Internet and comes with a comprehensive SLA.

The Solution


Simple to implement and fully managed


If delivered as direct connection, it is just like a additional site on your MPLS network (or SD-WAN)


Direct connections do not pass over the public Internet, providing guaranteed bandwidth, lower latency & higher levels of security


Virtualized connections provide a low cost alternative or a back-up to a direct connection


Significant cost benefits when used as part of MPLS or SD-WAN

SaaS Integration

On-net services for SAAS providers such as Salesforce, Oracle and many more.

Get Technical

On-net, resilient support for a large number of public cloud providers such as Azure Express Route, AWS Direct Connect and Google Cloud Interconnect at bandwidths between 50Mbps and 10Gbps.

Support for High-Speed route based VPN services, which can be terminated into your MPLS environment. These services can be hosted on our carrier grade firewall platforms (there is no need for our customers to host expensive physical equipment).

Route based VPN support for all major public cloud platforms such as Azure, GCP and AWS, via a simple provisioning process. This is commonly used as a backup to on-net constructs and is more cost effective.

Integration advice for Cloud network constructs provided to ensure an optimal design for or customer networks.