Alternative Network Provider (AltNet)

While there are many ISPs to work with in the UK, we differentiate our connectivity solutions through the use of AltNets.  We firmly believe that AltNets will play a significant role in delivering modern networks. This is a good time for customers to evaluate the market due to the PSTN shutdown, which will affect legacy ADSL and FTTC services. We can offer reliable full-fibre business broadband (FTTP) solutions that provide high-bandwidth connectivity at lower costs than were previously available.

FTTP topology

Several established connectivity operators in the UK (Openreach, Virgin Media, Colt, Vodafone etc.) run their own fibre networks.  However, many other alternative network providers (AltNets) are building their own independent networks to provide further competition to the traditional carriers.  These AltNets use fibre-optic cables throughout, have no reliance on legacy copper services and are often more cost-effective than the larger operators.  Flexgrid can now offer FTTP from sixteen Altnets in the UK. We do not believe there is any other UK provider that has this level of FTTP coverage.

The Solution

Flexgrid is a network aggregator that offers our customers the broadest range of connectivity options for FTTP Internet services. We own and operate our core network and have points of presence in several strategic data centres around the UK.

By selecting Flexgrid as your connectivity provider, you can access the largest aggregation of AltNet FTTP solutions in the UK. This means we’ll provide the highest percentage of FTTP coverage for your physical estate, providing your business with a high-performance yet cost-effective Internet service. Our FTTP connectivity solutions are an excellent match for customers rolling out SD-WAN when a high bandwidth and reliable underlay service is needed. 

FTTP is a good solution for retailers looking to deliver additional services within a store location, such as CCTV, digital signage, and guest Wi-Fi, all of which require higher bandwidth.

Key Benefits


When compared to legacy dial-up broadband technologies like ADSL and FTTC, FTTP is a more reliable, high performance and low latency service.

Service options

Flexgrid can deliver our FTTP solutions as a fully managed solution with 24x7 incident management, or as a wires-only service.

High bandwidth, Low cost

FTTP can reach speeds of up to 2Gbps yet is considerably cheaper than traditional Ethernet lease lines.

Alternate to ADSL/FTTC

FTTP is the modern way to deliver broadband. It is the perfect alternative to legacy technologies like ADSL and FTTC.

FTTP coverage

Flexgrid can offer fibre-based broadband to a higher percentage of businesses than other ISPs that rely on just the Openreach network.

Cost reduction

We can provide value for money. By working with a significantly higher number of fibre providers, we are able to find a good balance between cost and product availability.

Get Technical

FTTP is a true end-to-end Full Fibre Business Broadband solution not reliant on legacy copper PSTN networks 

Our FTTP solutions are a large portfolio of on-net partner connections to provide the highest levels of performance

FTTP service provides higher bandwidth and lower latency than FTTC or ADSL solutions.